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Island Mist Soapworks, Handcrafted Bath Body Products


Island Mist Soapworks began as a “hobby” and has turned into quite an addiction 🙂 My dear friend Sandra introduced me to making my own soap and I’m so grateful to her for sharing this wonderful craft.

Initially, I wanted to make my own soap to give away to family and friends (which they love!). However, once I experienced the benefits of using homemade soap and how it felt on my skin, I knew I needed to learn how to market to a broader audience and share the lovely benefits.

My husband and I live in Courtenay on Vancouver Island and with the ocean in our backyard, I wanted to incorporate what’s in the sea into my homemade soap. So, what is one of the most abundant resources in our ocean? Seaweed and Sea salt! Check out my “Friendly Fishermen” Seaweed Sea Salt Bar, and have a look at all its benefits for your skin.

Along with my signature seaweed and sea salt soap, I also incorporate other nourishing ingredients including, colloidal oatmeal, kaolin clay, and calendula extract, to name a few. As you’ll see on my ingredient labels, they are either simple and few with names you can recognize and pronounce, or naturally sourced ingredients derived from sustainable plants.

People are becoming more mindful of what they put on their skin, and it’s very rewarding and satisfying when you share something you love to do knowing you can make a difference in someone’s life. With the right combination of ingredients, I can create a bar that moisturizes, cleans, or exfoliates, depending on your skin type or needs, a soap made without using harsh chemicals you can feel confident using for yourself and your family.

When researching the ingredients that go into my soap it’s also important to find products that are ethically produced and eco-friendly. Soap making is not just a craft that should be started on a whim, thoughtful consideration must be given to every aspect of the process if you plan on marketing it to the public. I’m still learning and truthfully, amazed sometimes that I’m creating a product people love to use! (Review link here)

Thanks again for visiting my shop! I hope you’ll stay awhile and browse at your leisure. There’s always something new I couldn’t resist making, so please come back often.