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Cement Soap Dish with Spout


So what goes naturally with handcrafted soap? Handmade soap dishes! Island Mist Soapworks is pleased to offer handmade cement soap dishes!

Island Mist Soapworks Cement Soap Dish with Spout will look wonderful in your bathroom or guest bathroom displaying your lovely handcrafted soap. And speaking of guests, why not display a soap from our Storyline Soap Box for them to use!

So what goes naturally with handcrafted soap? Handmade Cement Soap Dishes!

Concrete soap dishes are a great choice for anyone looking for a stylish and durable solution for their bathroom and kitchen decor. Concrete is strong and sturdy, making it resistant to cracking and chipping. It is also waterproof and mold-resistant, making it perfect for use in wet areas of the bathroom. The natural material adds an attractive texture and design element to your bathroom décor.

Your soap bar will stay dry on this well-designed concrete soap dish, and the size is also great for our larger bars of soap! The unique drain spout in the soap dish you chose, directs water away from the soap into the sink, so there’s no soggy bar soap. We also supply little rubber feet on the bottom of your dish to protect the surface of your sink and countertop.

*NOTE! Concrete can darken a bit where moisture or soap lies. However, because concrete is a porous material, and while sealant is applied (twice), it can only fill larger pores and is not permanent. You may want to reseal your soap dish with another layer of sealer to further protect your investment. The chemicals used to produce soap could also affect the color of the dish, but we think that the way a material ages with use, can also be beautiful!
Use soap and water to clean. No vinegar, bleach, acidic oils, or chemicals.

Handmade in Courtenay – Care Instructions Included.
Dimensions: 4 7/8″ x 3 1/2″
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Spout Soap Dish

Charcoal, Leaf Green, Natural Cement Grey


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